eight, nine, and ten

{chalkboard: rachel denbowhereknit blanket by Jeff's grandmother}

{chalkboard: rachel denbowhere, knit sweater made by Jeff's grandmother, crochet blanket made by my sis Felicia}

{chalkboard: rachel denbowhere, knit blanket made by Jeff's grandmother}

My little chalkboard eater turned 10 months last week, and as usual I'm playing catch up with posting his monthlys. Going back to find those toe eating pictures from 2 months ago was heart melting. I can't believe less than 2 months ahead of us is baby's first birthday!

And wouldya believe he's still a stationary sitter. No crawling yet.I thought for sure the second baby would be the adventureous one, trying to keep up with his busy brother. But nope, graham is content being the patient observer. I was waiting to post this update with a 10 month in the making announcement that he's finally crawling because I really think it's coming soon! But I couldn't wait any longer. And don't hold your breath on it. Unless you can hold it for a couple days... 'cause it's gonna happen soon I tell ya!

And speaking of waiting, thank goodness I had this post drafted, because my computer crashed a couple days ago. Stupid virus. Pinterest? Twitter? Blogger?? I was just doin' my usual, when the dreaded happened late night sunday. Jeff is doing the IT work on it, while I try to remain calm. We have backup of most of the hard drive, but not all. Such a sinking feeling. So for now, I'll just be borrowing Jeff's laptop when he's home.

As for my brother, he's home and doing great! Still has a few more weeks in bed, trying not to watch too many movies and keep up on his freshman homework. And I had a fantastic 29th birthday friday... there's been counter-top cake eating here for days! Oh, and my sister Liana was proposed to on sunday! Another sister off the market. :)

see graham grow:
{month one and two}
{month three}