three months

{chalkboard: rachel denbow, here, crocheted blanket made by me}
Graham is the cutest darn thing at 3 months with that constant I'm-sucking-on-my-tasty-bottom-lip face. He's our little 90th percentile, at almost 16 pounds. He's sweetly clingy (which means mama's buff!), just like a koala hangs on their mama. It's super entertaining to watch the wheels in his head turn as he works his hands to swat, reach, and carefully grab things. Yet, what he really wants to grab the most are his feet, but he can't quite reach them over all the rolls. He's a pro cat-napper. Loves car rides and stroller rides. He giggles when you shake his arms. And he's quite the observer, contantly watching his brother's every move.
He's my little cuddly thing, but lately he's reached his limit on the love smooshing
after the first 1000 kisses and squishes of the day.
But I just can't help it. That face, those cheeks, I just want to eat him up.
{poppy headband: much love, illy... featured on mama HERE!}

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