4 more sleeps til Halloween! If you're looking for a last minute costume, this classic, charlie brown style, sheet ghost is a quick and easy one! There are probably tons of tutorials now for making a ghost costume, but when I made this 5 years ago I just winged it. And every year since, this costume floats around (pun intended, ha!) the internet and I get piles of emails in October asking me "how-to". So  finally, here are the details!

That is a 15 month old June under there being "spooky".
You need one white flat sheet.
I layered two here because my one white sheet was cheap and thin. But one will do just fine!
Put the hem of the sheet in the front, touching the ground, then fold the sheet over the child's head.
Mark the back of the sheet where it touches the ground, take it off the child, and cut a straight line.
I left all the cut edges raw, no need to hem or seam.
Then I left a 5-6 inch opening at the top of the fold on each side for arm holes,
then sewed (or you could fabric glue) down the side.
I also ran a few stitches at the top where the head goes to hold the two sheets together.
That is, if you layer two sheets. One sheet by itself will totally work.
INSIDER TIP // this is also the spot where I put a safety pin on the inside, and pinned the top of the ghost to a beanie. That helped keep it from slipping off. And kept their head warm while trick or treating.
Once cut to size, put over child's head and mark where to cut the eye holes.
I then used black felt (or you could maybe use a sharpie pen) to make the eyes pop.
You can hand sew, or fabric glue them on.
So let's recap… sheet folded in half, cut to fit. (These were my dimensions above.) Then sew (or glue) down the sides, leaving room at the top for arm holes. Cut eyes holes, then sew (or glue) black felt around eye holes. Then, done! You are now ready to be spooooooky.
That's Ewan under there showing his sister how it's done.
He wanted to be a ghost so bad the year he was 3, and I was so happy to make it happen.

Here's 3 year old Ewan ghost, and 7 month old Graham Bear.
See the original post here!

If I missed anything or you have any questions, feel free to email me or reach me on instagram!

Happy Halloween!



I have been driving the same car for 12 years.

Every time I put gas in it, I have to reset the mileage so that I can keep track until the next fill up because the odometer works but the gas gauge quit a while ago.

The clock was right twice a day. 1:27.

The air conditioning has been measuring in celsius for years, so I always knew that 19C was a magic number for cool air on a hot California day.

The power steering would go in and out so some turns would catch me by surprise, and I'd have to muscle it with both arms like I was driving an autopia car at Disneyland.

The automatic door locks stopped working so I had to actually put the key in the door to open it.

The sunroof, that was a good one… it went from sunny to stormy in the same day. The roof was open for the Spring air to blow through as we were on the freeway. Unfortunately, the sunroof motor stopped working right as storm clouds rolled in. In what felt like a blink of an eye, I found myself driving back home with one hand on the wheel and one hand holding an umbrella over my head. The water was spilling off onto the boys, so they covered their faces with blankets. We made it as far as my parents' house, boys soaking, and sunroof still open. I could not stop laughing at the ridiculousness. We had the car shop close the sunroof, and that was the last day we enjoyed the Spring air blowing through our roof.

The trunk hydraulics, also laughable. Did you know they can go out? The trunk had to be held up with one arm while I muscled the stroller or groceries in with the other arm. Sometimes, I would forget and the door would come crashing down and eat me. Pretty sure anyone in the parking lot that saw that got a good laugh. I eventually used one of Jeff's golf clubs to start holding it up.

But despite all the "problems," I loved this car. And I felt it was always doing its best to get us from A to B. It was brand new when Jeff and I bought it, right before we got married. Little did we know then that it would eventually bring 3 babies home from the hospital over the next 12 years of our marriage.



Our Knotts Berry Farm in the fall tradition continues...
this time with their all new, park wide, Knotts Spooky Farm celebration!
A non-scare event for the whole family, every weekend in october.
See our spooky saturday below!



so since life moves fast with three kids, instagram has pretty much become my daily blog. but I still love this space for the ability to post all 50 photos of the three on my bed, after sharing just 1 on instagram. and also, videos. this is the best place for those. the one above was made with all my iphone clips smooshed together from june's first 4 weeks. and I've probably watched this video 100 times already. those newborn yawns and cries are my very favorite, and make me long for them to last just a little longer.

// video made with imovie, music by jack johnson



on wednesday, august 19th, we left in the car to drive up the coast of california with destination stops in
monterey, modesto, lodi, and san francisco… roadtrip!

a seven year old, a four year old, and a two month old.

three hotels in six days.

a rehearsal dinner and wedding, aquarium, cannery row, fisherman's wharf, 17 mile drive, pier39, crab house, painted ladies, golden gate, all of it! 1,200 miles later we made it back home with full hearts, and forever favorite moments.

// all video captured with iphone6 and a gopro cam