sister support for brother

The five sisters (plus a couple besties) piled on top of eachother at my parents house yesterday, while mom, dad, and brother were at the hospital. Jared had two unrelated surgeries, lumped into one afternoon. We prayed, played, and waited to hear that everything went ok.
And as the surgeries went long, and the night got late, we crafted get well cards for our favorite 15 year old. My mom is staying with him, and we heard this morning that he is doing well in recovery. Hoping to have him back home tomorrow! Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. He is feeling the love!

And on another note:
My brother-in-law is the director of social media and partnerships at Sevenly.org and I'm helping him spread the word this week about Autism awareness. Autism Speaks is the charity of the week at Sevenly, and because I worked at an Autism learning center, and many times directly with Autism Speaks, it is a cause that is very important to me. T-shirts benefiting families with Autism are available on their website through Saturday! Thanks for helping spread the word!