back to school for the birthday boy

After a long winter break, Jeff went back to school today.
Just reminiscing on all the fun we had while he was all ours...
lots of daddy time with the boys, and dates with his girl!

Disneyland, swimming, room service, laker game, sushi date, toy story on ice, office crashing, antique shopping, sofa buying (almost!), costco stock-ups, cake eating, and lots of lazy lounging... which included the growing of a lazy man's mustache. :) We celebrated Jeff's birthday yesterday (33!), with one more date out just the two of us, for grilled artichoke at our fave Lucille's and a movie of birthday boy's choice - Mission Impossible. In (wildly large and way too loud) IMAX, mind you. Anything for the man I love, I tell ya.

Now back to class, back to schedules, study groups, and law-minded Jeff.
Ewan, Graham, and I are now counting down the days 'til spring break!