the dmv, disneyland, and my expired CA drivers license

so monday, i glanced at my license and noticed it expired on my birthday THIS year.
meaning, NEXT week! oops. a dmv appointment for thurday should take care of that.
(always make an appointment!)
after taking this picture, I realized that's about how my eyes see the charts in real life.
couldn't pass the eye test without my glasses... "corrective lenses" was stamped on my license.

the lady helping me was doin' lots of typing,
and I was doin' lots of tight finger-crossing in hopes of not having to take a new picture, since
a) my current picture is my favorite EVER
(we all have that ONE miracle of a license picture someday or another)
b) i could swear i look no different from 6 years ago, fresh outta college, pre-children, pre-2amfeedings, bagsundertheeyes, and coffeeismylife...
and c) i'm standing there with wet hair and no lipstick. yep.

more typing... and then a whole lotta confusion...
since I was renewing my license, changing my address, AND getting replacements of my car registration tags that were mailed to the old address... the only way to do all three, was to pay $31, and then get a dmv refund of $102. um, ok. so confusing. but i win, i guess?

also, i ran into my sister and her boyfriend. at the dmv.
cause don't we all randomly run in to our siblings at the dmv.

after leaving, i drove past the cutest antique shop and just couldn't help myself.
 and since I left Jeff hostage with the kids, I totally had time for a 10 minute secret pit stop.
out of the thousands of trinkets, I found this set of 6 glasses, which just so happened to be the owner's mother's old set from the 70s. she said her mom had matching floral wallpaper on the ceiling of the kitchen, and lime green carpet throughout the house. peggy had quite a pretty childhood home. the glasses now look mighty pretty in my cabinets. thank you peggy's mom. :)

and, after all that, we may have visited disneyland for dinner. just maybe.
so ewan has this pose... and graham slid off that mickey seat onto the car floor...
we recovered with lots of kisses and two times in a row on the buzz ride...
and we ran into my sister and boyfriend AGAIN.
AND discovered via facebook, that the other sister was at disneyland too,
a random sister meetup. cause don't we all do that at disneyland.

in the end, yesterday was a weird one.
sisters everywhere, bonk on the head for baby, dinner at disneyland with cousins from oregon (the actual reason for our quick visit.), antique thrifting, walking out of the dmv with cash handed to me, and oh yeah a new picture. wah wahh.
goodbye old favorite.
i'll never look that fresh-faced,
fully-rested-before-kids, again.

new picture and license stats coming in the mail in 2-4 weeks.
and there you have it, most words written in a post EVER. I'm not a writer.
the less words the better for me. and you just witnessed why. :)

have a great weekend!
it's our last before jeff goes back to school on tuesday!