must be taller than 42" to ride

two birthdays. two days. just the TWO of us. at DISNEYLAND!
and we knew exactly what rides we WEREN'T gonna ride...
no buzz lightyear. no toy story. no autopia. no tiki room.
 adult rides only, pleeeease... yeehaw!
now I will never again be able to say, "I can't remember the last time I rode that ride."  :)
we checked-in to the grand californian hotel on thursday,
checked out our view of downtown disney,
popped the champagne for some mimosas, and headed out to the parks!
christmas was still up. we even saw santa and the mrs!
besides the one time pictured above, where we handed the camera over to a cast member,
jeff manned the camera the whole time. it was his first shot at it since getting it for christmas.
there was a lot of "light testing"...
and busy blur shots...
he was so proud of himself. and so super cute about it. :)
i, on the other hand, stuck with my iphone...
and took pictures of the super cute photog in action!
jeff's camera castle on the left. my iphone castle on the right. we be dueling photogs. haa!
{although, since I'm the post-er here, I chose which one of his 30 shots made the blog. better luck next time, jeffy!}
 disneyland's letterbox. anyone else playing along with instagram's january photo-a-day?
main street was not prepared for all the hand-holding and bum-grabbing from us free birds!
day two... more button wearing, early entry, running to be first in line, lunch grubbin' at the warf,
bathings suits(!) and more mimosas... by the pool!
ahhhh, a good 'ol warm, california january is good for the soul.
{which had me remembering last january, and our warm-weather celebration.}
a huge thanks to jeff's parents for baby watching, and my fam for pup watching.
this was the longest we've ever left graham, and he was perfect!
we may just need to do this again some time... :)
now, on with january! and our real birthdays coming up in a couple weeks!