four months

{chalkboard: rachel denbow, here, knit blanket and knit ball made by Jeff's grandmother}

This is it, the month of cousins! Baby Abigail was born last week, and baby Wyatt is due in two weeks! My sis had this onesie made a long, nine months ago to announce she was expecting. Luckily she bought it big (Graham's wearing 6 month size!) and it just hugs his round belly and rolls perfectly.
And those two roly-poly pudgy fingers are in his mouth all day. At four months, Graham has turned into a sweet, slobbery, drool machine. He chews on everything. But prefers his fingers, my fingers, or sophie. Ewan's first tooth showed up at five months, and Graham may not be far behind. However, he still hasn't shown an official signs of fussy teething... he's still an all day smiley flirt.

I also re-read this article last night. It worked with child #1. It's time for child #2 to get with the program. Just thinking about sleeping through the night makes me drool in a happy stupor. :)

see graham grow:
{month one and two}
{month three}