pregnant sisters

Felicia is pregnant with her first!
Here we are at 20 weeks and 35 weeks. She's expecting a girl!
Things are gonna get real fun, real soon at the grandparents house.
Ewan was number one, and this makes for grandchild number two and three!
I went with her this weekend to register and hit the thrift.
She came home with a side table for the nursery, and I came home with new canisters for the kitchen.
The tiny old lady at the counter laughed at how they matched my shirt and necklace.
I just have a thing for sunny yellow anything. :)
 My sister-in-law Ashley, is pregnant with her second!
Here are the 35 week and 15 week bellies. She's expecting a boy!
That means Violet, grandchild number two for Jeff's parents,
will be the only girl among the gang of four!
This was from lunch last week for mom's birthday. These two are cuh-razy together!
I can't even imagine what the addition of two more crazies will do to us. :)

It's a baby belly time over here for the next 6 months!