pinterest interest

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My list of things-to-do when my 2 year old spends the day with his grandparents is long and extravagant. (Mind you, I still have to bring a 4 month old along so unfortunately the day spa is out of the question.) What did I cross off my list today...  crochet and watch movies, play with graham without interruption, eat cookies in plain sight, and just be lazy and quiet. Ah, quiet. Quiet is nice. And Graham soaked up the quiet and napped better than ever.

And with all the quiet around here, I finally dove head first into Pinterest. I had been holding off with all my might so as not to have one more thing to take away precious sleeping minutes while I'm on the computer late at night. But hey, I tried it and I liked it. It's actually easier to use than I thought, and now I can stop cluttering up my desktop with "inspiration-ies". So far, I have a whoppin' 8 pins. But I can guarantee I'll have a full yarn board stat!

Not only did I have time to myself today, but Jeff and I took a sleeping baby out for a bbq patio dinner and had some sweet time together... ordered drinks, had uninterrupted conversation and laughs, and licked our fingers after sharing a sauced-up artichoke, bbq sandwich, and sugar biscuits. We love Lucille's.

We picked up Ewan from Disneyland, listened to him talk a mile-a-minute about the fun he had with Violet, Nana, and Papa, until his voice faded in the backseat and he fell asleep.

Time for bed for all, we have a rental hunting/appointment planned day for tomorrow.
Remember that extension? Yeah, it's already coming to an end.
6 weeks and counting till the next move!