a warm spring weekend of firsts

 first beach trip of the warm weather season.
first night in a big boy bed.
first trip to a restaurant.
first ever beach trip of his little life.
first wyder's after baby. :)

graham turned 1 month old last thursday.
which means we are venturing out of the house,
resuming our regular family rhythm, but as a party of four now.
first stop, lucille's!
i could live on their apple butter and sugar biscuits.
we always order the grilled artichoke appetizer.
and don't get me started on their steak sandwiches.

hope you had a happy spring weekend!

*as for the big, anticipated bed transition... ewan only peeked his head in our bedroom 3 times throughout the first late night, early morning. now naptime is another story. he's popped his head out every 5 minutes while i sit here typing this... time to go tuck him back in... :)