twenty nine forever

I've been 29 for a week! And to be honest, it has me feeling kinda itchy and needing a change. I'm having wild thoughts about cutting bangs or going short again, or slicking on red lipstick like all the hip chicks are doin these days. Also trying to make the life altering decision of whether to remain a pc girl or make the move to a mac. With the computer crash of 2012, I now have a big decision... and since my iphone has been the best thing since the 10th grade pager (143 anyone?), it has me leaning towards mac. But at the decision rate I'm going, I'm gonna be computer-less for a long while. I hate pricey purchases. It makes the decision process grueling.

Birthday was a smash hit this year though! First EVER dentist appointment for ewan, BJs pizza and pizookie lunch after his fluoride set for an hour, toys r us run, cake and presents, a solo shopping trip, and my favorite part of the day... a TWO HOUR nap. That is forever a tradition now... my once a year, birthday nap. I was a renewed soul.

Record player, red lipstick, a possible mac in my future... 29 is making me anew. And let's hear it for being 29 every year, for every birthday, from now until forever! Not joking. Spread the word. xo!