On January 1st, the above photo spread like wildfire on the iphone Instagram app. The challenge creator, fatmumslim, had no idea there would be such a crazy response to her little photo game. I jumped in and played alongside bleubird, natthefatrat, and a million others. Here are my daily phone photos from January 1st - January 15th...

As if you needed to see more phone photos from me... that's all I've ever got for the blog lately!
I've got two more days of photo-a-day fun for january, then I'll recap the rest.
More phone photos, promise. :)

To get details of all the pics, you can read their captions on my Instagram feed.
Or find me on the app! @calikatrina

And woohoo! A little happy dance here for reaching 100 blog followers!
It only took FOUR years of blogging. wahwah. ;)
Love you guys!!