5 months, 6 months, 7 months, whoa.

{chalkboard: rachel denbow, here, crochet blanket made for graham by family friend Dinah}

{chalkboard: rachel denbow, here, knit blanket made for graham by Jeff's grandmother}

Graham is 7 months old! Had to play a little catch up on the monthly photos. Didn't miss out on taking them, just hadn't gotten around to sharing them since we moved. Which is also why, out of all the adorable monthly photos pinned out there, I wanted a simple lay him on the floor gig... no matter where we lived, blanket photos would all be consistent. And the fact that we are just overflowing with handmade blankets here! Each one made special and loved to the last stitch. And in need of a monthly showcase!

My all-time favorite baby age is 6 months, and I can't believe it came and went so fast! Graham learned how to sit up, eat from a spoon, eat those toes finally, and reach for all those toys. 6 months brings all that happy social playfulness that I can't get enough of. Not to mention, better SLEEP. Through the night! Finally. Took both my boys a good 6 months to learn that trick, and it's always a game changer. The sun shines bright and the roses smell glorious again now that we're all getting some sleep. Ahhh.

see graham grow:
{month one and two}
{month three}

now for those seven month photos.... :)