I have more BOW beauties to share!

Sena and Daisy
And some boys in BUGGS, Kaleb and Harrison!
Some ladies I just love, Jenny and Kristina!
And beach babe, Dotty, has dubbed this the summer of the BOW! She kills me. :)

Now this newborn photography of baby Sena, I died! Her mama, Katie, was gifted bows at her baby shower and I burst at the seams when I saw these pictures pop up on instagram and then the photographers website...
You can see more at Naima Photography and on the shop page! Both mama and photographer were super sweet and gracious to let me post them up. Thankfully I didn't scare them away with my squeals through email. :)

It never gets old. My heart skips a beat every time one of your pictures pops up in my instagram feed or email. Thank you for continuing to share the love and your babies with me. xo!