Is it hot where you are? 'Cause man, all of a sudden this week we are melting here in SoCal. And on Sunday, the air conditioning was out at church. So after sweating through the service, we headed to the beach! This spot, at this beach, is one of our favorites. Ewan is still wearing the same swim shorts, but has grown a lot in the last year and we don't have to roll them up anymore. And Graham hasn't changed much over the last year, he is still an attached monkey every second of every day. :)

And sidenote, one year ago today we were doing this!
We'll be celebrating this weekend with the whole fam! The usual. :)

And side, sidenote... Oxford Trunk's pura vida bracelets and sideways cross necklace are my summer essentials this year, as seen above. I also love love this ring of mine too. Big hugs to OT and Katy for the goodies! I haven't won a giveaway in years, I feel like a kid at christmas with this one. xo!