oldest three on the left, married! youngest two on the right, single!
Sister has something really special going on with this brooch bouquet idea. Some from WWII, grandmother's grandmother, a funny H&M find... each had a special story that was shared with the bride. That morning, I dug through the garage boxes to find my wedding shoes. I had pinned brooches to the toes of them, and after 8 years, I removed one of the brooches for Liana for her wedding day.
mother of the bride...
...and of all us crazies!

Those mustaches and veils were made for this game, but they then turned into an all-afternoon love affair with everyone and their instagram. :) It was a happy, beautiful bridal shower day at mom and dad's. Next up we have a couple bachelor/bachelorette celebrations, and then wedding day! TWO weeks!