button boys at disneyland

Ah! I've been dying to share our disney day! It was the BEST day.
Ewan chose his favorite ride as Graham's first.
In the tiki tiki tiki tiki, tiki room...
ready, set, timer!
 found a new favorite... fried green tomato sandwich/sweet potato fries.
 bumped into pluto in toontown, and was later reunited when pluto spotted ewan along the parade route. big points for pluto, ewan was the happiest boy ever. and still talks about his bff.
 aunt aimee, err incredi-girl, was the superhero of the year for signing us into the parks.
...and later joined us incognito for the parade.
 Pretty summer parade.
Too loud, summer parade.
 Ah, mary blair gallery, I love you. And want to buy everything in you.
But Jeff said, pick ONE. So I did. :)
And main street, you are beautiful. Thank you for another forever-favorite-memories visit.
We spent the day at Disneyland last friday, also known as Jeff's last day of freedom.... because on saturday morn, we sent a disneyland-pooped daddy off with his new backpack, piles of books, and lots of kisses... it was first day of law school! 9am-6pm. Then he started his work all day/school all night schedule this week... Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays, 7am-10pm. It's gonna be a long 4 years.