random info in random order //

  1. I'm 36, married almost 15 years, and mother to two boys and a girl.
  2. flowers always.
  3. roses are my favorite. I had 3,000 of them in "sunset colors" at my wedding.
  4. jeff and I lived in 7 homes during the first 7 years of our marriage. and we just hit the 7 year mark in our current neighborhood, where our 3 kids have made all their childhood memories.
  5. we bought 10 acres of land in 2017! currently working on developing it and building our forever home.
  6. I've worn glasses everyday since the fourth grade. 
  7. I went to school to be a teacher.
  8. I was a summer camp councelor four years in a row.
  9. I've worked as as extra for tv/film, my favorite was a job under the direction of clint eastwood.
  10. I've worked at disneyland.
  11. I learned how to crochet when I was a teen, taught by my mom.
  12. I love yarn everything.
  13. christmas movies are my fave.
  14. I get my haircut once a year. if that. low maintenance is my jam.
  15. my sisters are my best friends.
  16. give me all the iced tea. unsweetened.
  17. iced coffee too. sweetened.
  18. leonardo dicaprio was my first mega crush.
  19. eleanor rigby is my favorite Beatles song.
  20. I can play the flute.
  21. I'm learning how to play the guitar.
  22. I love marching bands and classical concerts.
  23. I've been to over 100 concerts of all genres. music is my jam.
  24. roadtrips are my favorite summer tradition.
  25. I was born and raised in orange county.
  26. the ocean is my happy place.
  27. so are pink skies at sunset.
  28. someday I want a house on the beach.
  29. avocados everyday.
  30. I have a weakness for french fries.
  31. and chocolate croissants.
  32. I'm forgetful.
  33. I'm half argentine, and have traveled to visit my family there twice.
  34. yet I don't speak spanish like my dad, even after taking three years of it in high school.
  35. fall is my favorite.
  36. so are blankets and sweaters and soup.
  37. I love Jesus.
  38. I like to keep things simple, no clutter.

// updated march 2019