Halloween, twenty thirteeeeen! This was the year of borrowed costumes. Ewan loves to stick with the classics, last year he was a mummy and the year before he was a sheet ghost. This year he requested a spooky skeleton, so he borrowed my brother's costume that was worn way back when my brother was a baby! Graham wore a handmade-by-nana peter pan costume that all Jeff's brother's wore 20+ years ago. Still in perfect, handmade shape.

Every year we trick or treat in my parent's neighborhood. All the houses set up fire pits and chairs in the driveways to pass out candy, party style. There was even some couches pulled out from their living rooms to the front yards! There are a few doors to knock on, but because the weather is so perfect here on Halloween most people like to hang outside and greet everyone walking by. Graham got a little chilly later in the night and his costumed transformed from peter pan to peter skeleton, but it works when you're two. :)

Hope everyone had a happy halloween, now on to the next!