candy, a ghost, a bear, oh my!

 This year we had a ghost, a doll and her teddy bear, superdog, and a lumberjack? :)

 He wasn't so sure about the yarn wig.
(made via skunkboy tutorial immediately after I saw super-cute Katie and her Hope doll!)
 baby's first halloween
a sweet, squishy teddy Graham, good enough to eat!
And oh man, Ewan as a sheet-over-the-head ghost was too cute to handle. It was exactly what he wanted, and I couldn't have been happier with his classic choice. (Lucky boy got to pick TWO costumes this year!) A few crochet details to Graham's store-bought, a good 'ol white sheet from grandma's house, a skein of red yarn and clothes from my closet, all equaled to a $13 halloween. holla!

It was a night filled with cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors, chili, front yard bonfire, roasted marshmallows, piles of candy and glowsticks, and a never-ending sugar high. Halloween 2011 sweet memories are locked in, and the candy eating is still going strong. :)