We trick or treat at my parents house every year, they have the best neighborhood full of kids and patient candy passer-outers. And most houses have fire pits going in the driveway making for one big happy neighborhood party.

The boys' costumes were super sweet this year, as they were both handmade by Jeff's mom. Ewan initially wanted to be a ghost again (recently featured on moddernkiddo), but later decided on a "spooky" mummy. I love how he goes for the halloween classics. And she tea-dyed the cloth, and hand stitched every bandage on to his costume. Graham needed something that was like wearing clothes, he hated all the big costumes I tried on him. So I thrifted a giant sweater and showed my mother-in-law this picture, and she sewed the cutest, coziest sock monkey costume. He couldn't have been more kissable and squeezable that night.

As for Jeff and I, we used to go all out. There were no costumes planned for us this year until the morning of when Ewan said, what are you going to dress up as? So I thought to wear his pirate hat or darth vadar mask, but remembered I had mickey ears somewhere. I literally dug them out of a box in the garage, dusted them off, crocheted a big red bow and grabbed anything red or black I had in my closet. 5 minute costume, bam. I told Ewan I was minnie mouse, but was later told by someone else I looked more like a member of the mickey mouse club. Works for me. Jeff refused to wear his ears and be my mickey, so he went as "mark" (zuckerberg) instead. Heh.

Ewan's trick or treat date this year was his friend Daisy from church and preschool. Graham stuck with his cousin Abigail, and I remembered to use my iphone to video the treating that happened.

From monkey, mummy, minnie, and mark... hope you had a happy halloween!