AUGUST 7TH, 2013

It was a wednesday.
It was a BIG day.
Ewan turned FIVE!! He's been waiting a loooong time. All his preschool friends celebrated turning five and he was well aware that he was the last one left.
But he was the FIRST one to celebrate their birthday in Kindergarten... it fell on the very first day of school!
Lucky boy. Sobbing-mess mama.
I cried.
I cried the day before.
I picked fights with Jeff all week, just cause I was so anxious about it.
I have never been much of an outwardly emotional person. But lately, life changes and kids growing and maybe hitting 30... all have me dropping tears and getting emotional and stuff.
Not pictured are the big sunglasses I wore that morning to hide behind.
The whole scene was just gut-wrenching, seeing all the parents wave goodbye to their babies as they are off to a big, fast, new world.
Pretty sure I saw other moms wiping their eyes. Those will be my new friends. :)

The day, his BIG double whammy day, was a huge happy success of a day.
He felt special and big and FIVE and excited for all the new in his life.
And I couldn't be happier for him.
Five years of teaching, molding, nurturing, loving... has led to this day.
Go get 'em kid!