As of last month, I have been blogging on here for five years. FIVE YEARS. To mark the anniversary I thought I'd do my first ever year review. Here's a look back at 2012, with a lot of pictures that I never posted and are being shared here for the first time!


jeff turned 33.
I turned 29.
and we celebrated with a nights stay at the disneyland resort.
(which we are doing again next week, yippee!)


graham and I were in Babiekins magazine!
and he finally learned to crawl!
and we spent leap day at our favorite place.


summer showed up early.
and baby turned ONE!


nana's chicks hatched.
easter was celebrated.
and cousins from Argentina came for a two week stay!

MAY //

may was the month for lots of trips...
beach, vegas.
san fran!
um, disneyland. always!
and mother's day at the san diego zoo.


father's day at disneyland.
lots of backyard picnics.
and jeff and i had four weddings to attend this summer!


ewan sparkler-ed for the first time.
I walked the red carpet with my brother.
and graham walked!
the rest was all sand, beach, and bridal stuff.


sister got married!
and ewan turned four and started school!


we celebrated 8 years.
squeezed in a trip to palm springs.
and more disneyland.


this was the year i decided to hire a professional to design a logo for me, molly killed it! I changed everything, and ordered my first business cards! (and then 3 months later, this logo design popped up on one of the most popular blogs out there. you know which one I'm talking about... now what?)
and the whole month was filled with lots of pumpkins and costumes.


ewan and I were in Babiekins magazine holiday gift guide!
 there was lots of love and thanks with family.


jeff and I had a nights stay in laguna
to celebrate the end of finals and beginning of the holiday season
and lots of family time together to end the year!

a lot of firsts this year...
with graham turning one and learning to walk
 and ewan going to school

the usual family dates...
knotts berry farm
san diego zoo
thomas the train

a lot of overnight trips...
las vegas
laguna beach
palm springs
san francisco
napa valley
disneyland resort
most of which were never shared on here!
I need to do better this year at that.
(and jeff's in austin, texas right now! without me, boo.)

and only ONE trip to the movies last year...
mission impossible 4, last january

Because of that sad stat, we took a trip to the movie theaters on new years day to see Monsters Inc. with the boys... graham's first movie theater movie! Hoping to see a lot more movies this year both with the boys and without. does that count as a resolution? :)

here's to a happy 2013!!