Jeff and I like to spend new years eve together, at home. They are always way more enjoyable and special than any other time we tried our luck out with the crowds. Last year was one of my favorites ever with our "dinner reservations" on the back patio. We had plans to do the same thing this year, but Jeff's brother was in town from Missouri so we had him and his girlfriend over, along with Jeff's other brother and his wife. And Ewan stayed up with us too... he was the most excited 4 year old I have ever seen celebrate a countdown to 9pm! :)

And the ewan wink was the theme for the evening.
These two got party ready together. And Ewan was feeling it in that jacket, originally Jeff's jacket when he was four years old. He also wore one of Jeff's bow ties, and gave everyone the 'wink and pose' all night long.
We brought the outdoor lights in, recycled party supplies from last year, made pipe cleaner head-wear, Jeff made empanadas and roasted potatoes, we played JayZ on vinyl, a round of guesstures, and did the countdown with the east coast at 9pm! It was a happy night, and happy start to 2013!

happy new year, xo!