We had a travel day as usual for Christmas. But giving and receiving hugs and gifts with family all day is kinda the best. This year was Christmas morning at home, brunch at my parents house, and dinner at Jeff's parents. A full day of celebration, just the way we like it.

Graham preferred watching us do all the unwrapping for him.
new glasses!

on to my parents house...
where everyone received one gift, TOMS! mom and dad did goooood.
and mom makes pioneer woman cinnamon rolls every year.
and then our quiet cuddles were interrupted by the idea of a family picture...
A dumb idea with christmas/candy/newtoy-hyped kids.

a couple hours later, we hopped across town to Jeff's parents house...
where Jeff continued to grace everyone's presence with Christmas Sweater 2012, 
and I gifted grandma with some crochet, after she gifted me with her knit work last month.
and then we made like the waltons and sang christmas carols by the fire.
with everyone having their own part and everything.
if anything, don't miss the end with jingle bells by reindeer divot.

And with that, Christmas 2012 memories have been bottled up, new toys have crept into every corner of the house, candy is still being eaten from the bottom of the stockings, and the tree is still being plugged in nightly. Because we like Christmas. A lot.

Hope you had a wonderful season celebrating love, light, and Jesus. xo!