Picture overload! But they were just too cute to resist in their matching capes.

On Sunday, we took the boys to Knotts Berry Farm's Camp Spooky! And since this is the second year in a row, I think we can consider this a new annual October tradition. Dress in costume, breakfast with the Peanuts gang, trick or treating, cookie decorating, hay maze, train rides, bounce house... fun for hours! The superman costume from last year made another appearance, which now has officially made it from Jeff wearing it as a kid, to Ewan, to Graham. I don't know what it is about it, but that handmade costume transforms whoever wears it into the real-deal superman. I wish I had the video camera going or knew how to make a gif of the dancing "flying" superbaby up there. Ewan took the gold that he panned to sharing at preschool the next day, and we rode the always favorite tiny train pump cars, Grahams first time! We love you Knotts!

Camp Spooky runs on the weekends through October. Perfect Halloween fun for the little ones. See more info here and schedule here.