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And to those visiting here, from over there... helloooo!

Way out of my comfort zone and a stretch from the family blogging norm here, this fashion post is a first for me. I knew I was going to be out of my element with this one, but after seeing the other guest posts this week, I realized even more how out of my element I was. So bless you Kristina for asking me to contribute to your fashion blog knowing this would be my first go at it! 

I like to alter clothes, it's always a fun challenge for me. From thrift store finds to store bought new, I love to change a piece to make it a better fit or style for me. And thanks to Kristina's encouragement, this is the first time I have taken before and after pictures of the process to share. Here it goes!

Is anyone else having as much fun shopping IG closets as I am? If you don't know about it, a bandwagon trend right now on instagram is people posting clothes from their closets and their kids closets to sell at garage sale prices. Its fun, easy, and quick to claim an item from the many "closets" out there. I bought this anthropologie silk dress from a favorite instagrammer, and couldn't wait for it to arrive. I already knew from the pictures what I was going to do with it...
 With the halter top straps and open back, I knew I wouldn't be wearing it as a dress with the cold weather coming. But pictured it's pretty patterned silk as a skirt worn with cozy sweaters.
 I carefully cut off the straps and folded the top down.
 Then sewed the seams shut, so they wouldn't show.
 My lines were a little off after a run through the sewing machine, so instead of pulling the stitching out for a do-over I just hand stitched the seam straight across the bottom.
Cut, stitched, folded over, and tied in the front instead of the back. Done!
And finding uses for the leftovers is always fun... a la spaghetti straps turned headband.

Every refashion is going to be different, but this (and the other post) was done to give you an idea of what to try and to just go for it!

Well that was a first and LAST fashion post for me. It's always fun to do something new and different for a change. But back to posting about Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm now. :)