Here's a quick recap in iphone snaps!
I quit trying to instagram these pics while I was there, cause Disneyland is always a dead zone for uploads. You gotta find the right corners of the park to get instagram to load, and even then it runs your battery to the ground. SO. Here it is! And man, those Cars are rockstars driving around their new land. The boys were in Cars Land heaven. Which by the way is huge. Way bigger than I expected. They made sure to have lots of road room so those Cars can drive through the crowds. There was a 2 hour wait minimum for the new rides (3 hours for the racers!). So we took a break for dinner at the wharf, a ride on Toy Story, caught a bit of the Pixar parade, and took Ewan to Tower of Terror - never to ride, just to watch the doors open at the top to see the people lift their hands and scream as they plummet. The ultimate fun in his eyes.

This was also part of an extended Father's Day, celebrating the daddy we love!
Theeeen, back to Cars Land to see it lit up at dusk!
With everyone else in the entire park. weeee!

It was busy. Kinda crazy busy. But I love that. I have a love of crowds and being where the action is at. But that makes one of us. We'll try back again when the crowds die down. But big, huge thumbs up Cars Land! You're kind of amazing.