happy october!

Helloooooo!! [Anyone there?] Did I say I'd be back in September?... I meant October. :) We did it, we moved! And boy do we love our new (rental) home! We've been unpacking boxes slowly and organizing new rooms and the garage (a garaaaage!) for the last month, and just been livin' life (without blogging about it. Ahh, sweet break.) Been playing in the yard (a real-deal backyarrrrd!), running up the stairs, rolling every ball we own down the stairs (note to self: must introduce the Slinky to a certain 3 year old), setting up an office, a big boy bed, a new crib... I'm blown away with the amount of awesomeness a bigger space has been for our family. And as much as I love the excitement of  moving, I think we're gonna stay put here for a long while. It's perfect.

As for the boys, Graham sits up now! wahoo! And eats food, which is always a fun adventure. And Ewan tells me everyday, "I love our new house. I have a room UPSTAIRS!" He's a happy kid, with room now to burn some energy. As for Jeff and me, we celebrated our 7th anniversary with our annual tradition of ordering our wedding cake. We also bought our first antique piece of furniture, which you'd think we brought another newborn into the house... it's our baby that we care for very gently. :)

I've got so much to share! Keep tweet following, and feed following for some fun October posts ahead... I've got a guest post (my first!) lined up over on Sarah's sweet blog, and there's a Followers Fest hosted by some of my fave gals coming up! I also just got back from a Blogger event (another first for me!) this past weekend... write-up on that coming soon! So happy to be back!