we're outta here

Jeff and Ewan made this strategic plan the night before our Disneyland trip...
9 out of 17 rides for the day. Not bad.
A week later, all those toys have been tossed in a box and the chalkboard has had us on a new focus...
pay no attention to the boy rockin' out, in the way, on purpose. little stinker.
back to the to-do-list...
easy enough, right?

Oh man, life has been lame over here this week.
The apartment smells like cardboard and dust.
The boys are so over the sound of screeching packing tape.
I'm overworked and in need of a 10 hour nap.
Jeff gets home at 10pm again tonight.

Thank you to family for all the boxes collected. Haven't had to buy one yet.
Thank you to sisters for playing with the boys so I can pack. And pack and pack.
Sorry to those who I have been short with. (See 5 lines up... I need a nap.)

But beyond all that is right now, we've got a shiny new everything ahead. Moving friday!
And not to be outdone in the busy business, our families scheduled THREE birthdays and a friend's bridal shower this weekend. I'm really going to have to put my foot down soon when it comes to God's day of rest that we're commanded. :)

For now, utilities are being transferred and the computer is going in a box. I will still be socially available and tweeting my way through the move-in excitement, follow here. And will be back to blog share all the new happenings in september. xo!