weekend recap

 Well, hello there!
My graham bear will still flash that sweet benjamin button look, like back in his newbie days.
 Our weekend has come to an end this Monday evening now that we are finally back home.
 I wish I could say we spent the last three days in bed, all cozy under the covers,
but we did have places to go and things to do.
However a sleep-in party Sunday morning was worth all the cozy in the world.
We stayed over at my parent's house Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
Saturday was my brother-in-law's college graduation party. Yay for another grad!
Sunday was pool play and backyard BBQ with my dad manning the meat.
And Monday, Jeff went to take the LSAT (yep, law school may be in this family's future.)
and I took Graham to yet another doctors appointment... he was born with tiny ingrown toenails, that still haven't gotten any better almost 3 months later. He's now on antibiotics, prescription cream, and we have to soak his little feet daily. I can't help but feel responsible for his pain, since I grew him in me and all. Everyday I just wish I could magically make it all better for him.
But, nothing gets in the way of this little guys sweetness.
 He's wakes up kick-happy smiley every morning.
 And when there's one boy in my bed, there's always another quickly crawling in to join the fun.
Ewan looks just like me when he wakes up...
crazy bedhead, fake smile,
and eyes only half-open until lunch!