blueberry and peach pickin'

It was Graham's first time. He has a lot to learn from the two cousins below who are seasoned pros.
 Experience comes with the knowledge that the berries are sweet and juicy right off the plant...
we had to beg them to keep some in their buckets to take home!
And had to offer the owners payment for an empty pint, since we estimated that much to be in their two bellies!
They of course kindly declined the offer beacuse they are the sweetest bunch!
And had us just pay for what was in our buckets. We just love you Temecula Berry Company!
As the house is quiet during naptime and I'm on here loading pictures,
I've got a bowl of these cold, washed blueberries on the desk with me.
We actually may need to take a second trip over this year because
breakfast, lunch, snack, and dessert... the berries are going fast!

past annual pickin's:
2010 // 2009 // 2008

And every year at the same time the blueberries bloom,
the peach tree at Jeff's parents' overflows with fresh fruit...
Hello bump! There's my sis-in-law and first nephew to be born August!
Cobbler anyone?