hugs! and some animal pictures.

Thank you for the comforting words yesterday. I knew there were other mamas out there who could understand the daze I was in. It's hard to put that sinking feeling into words, but getting it out was the best thing for me. I finally stopped thinking about every tiny detail in my head over and over again. Jeff brought home greek food for dinner last night and a bottle of wine, then took us all out for a walk to the park and gave us pushes on the swings. The playful night was exactly what I needed.

I don't want to leave that heavy feeling on here any longer, so some family pictures to lighten the mood are a must.

Did you know Ewan is potty-trained?! And he finally made it through a long day out of the house without a diaper for the first time last weekend.

Here are a few animal pictures from memorial day at the San Diego Safari Park, sans diaper. :)

potty time, ruuuuun!
family timer shot! my favorite thing.

Have a great weekend!
And hold your babies extra tight.