christmas card timer shot

You may have noticed our own christmas picture card hanging on the line in the last post.
Remember when I had zip-zilch? No cards. No picture.
Well, nothing a couple dozen timer shots, while jumping on our bed, at nine o'clock at night... can't fix. :)
however, timer shots do come with their own complications...
1) pregnant woman can't hit the button and leap on the bed, in photo position, in 10 seconds.
 2) camera falls off tripod
3) horrible lighting. quick fix: change every picture to black and white
4) 2 year old doesn't understand the need to be posed by the time the flash goes off
5) 2 year old gets bored of mommy and daddy's timer game and leaves.

Out of 20, we got 1. Not bad odds I'd say.
And the card read...
Love from Jeff, Katrina and Ewan
and baby boy due March 2011

Jeff was really pushing me to sign it
Love from Jeff, Katrina and Ewan
and baby GRAHAM due March 2011

New baby's name is pretty official now at our house. Exciting!
Even if I didn't put it on the card. I was too chicken. :)