hello december

It's here, and I can't hide from my december duties any longer. Gifts to buy. Crochet to do. Projects to finish. Events to rsvp to. Glucose test to schedule. Tree to get. Did I mention gifts to buy? We haven't started. 24 days left. I had ambitious plans to crochet something for everyone but that has proven to be a tall order for one person, with a very large family. :)

Oh, and christmas cards. I got nothin'. We had cards sent and gifts wrapped BEFORE Thanksgiving last year. I was so ahead of the game in 2009, that I think is what's leading me to feel so overwhelmingly behind this year. Well, if we don't get our act together for a christmas card picture soon, I have this lovely sidewalk chalk portrait from this past weekend that I am considering slipping in the envelopes...

it even includes divot and marko, our lovebird.
And the lovely cloud ewan added, shooting out from my shoulder.
It's an option. :)