september has come and gone

Between the scheduled birthdays, anniversaries, and doctor appointments,
here's what my cell phone captured during the month of September.

 We went to Disneyland. Shocker.
...and then went again. :)
...have tried to figure out what I am willing to eat.
Last pregnancy was all about cravings. This time around I have serious food aversions.
As you can see, I skipped Jeff's steak and potatoes for french toast and apple juice.
And no deli meat (or any meat right now) for me. Instead I go for avacado, carrots, cheese, lettuce on rye.
...set up this late birthday present in ewan's room. He's crazy about it. And also just plain crazy. :)
...found my misplaced jewelry, finally came home with a sunday school craft (ewan usually refuses to particpate. beats me.),
updated the dvr with the new fall shows (rip 24 and Lost), and played some yatzee.
...nursed a fever, and a serious bump on the head. Craigslisted some furniture (I'm in declutter mode!),
and never finished reading Eat, Pray, Love. I kinda hated it. Booooooring. (I missed the movie too. Oh well.)

And here's Divot. He needs a little mention every now and then. :)

See you in October!

new header! credit: miss molly. go here. :)