6 years

Ahhhh, it's our anniversary weekend.
Yay for a relaxing weekend stay in LA, just the two of us,
sweet hotel room, breakfast, lunch, dinner plans, pedicures...

Oh wait, you have a 103 fever Ewan? The day before we drop you off at Grandma's house??

Cancel. cancelcancelcancelcancelcancel.

No biggie. Two days later he's better. Call my sis to come babysit Sunday evening.
And we're off to a romantic dinner at French 75 in Laguna Beach.
But before the two of us enjoyed dinner together, the three of us started the celebration that morning
with, you guessed it, our annual wedding cake top. We put in the same order, same day, every year.
We love our Jodee's cake shop.
And then something we don't do every year, or haven't done in maybe five,
watch the home video of our wedding. Awww.

Ewan indulged in a little naked water time before it was babysitting time.

Then Liana, also known as our everytime babysitter who accepts her wages in food,
was here, snapped a couple "6 year pics", and we were out the door.
Umm, so here's our place. You do not see the vacuum in the background,
and if you do, just notice it's green color that matches our decor so no harm in leaving it out at the moment.
But now you know I totally cropped the top picture to remove the romantic vacuum.
Oh, and there's my computer to the left. Where I'm sitting this very second, typing this out. :)
In fact, here I am! Right now. Wearing my pretty ring I picked up today after a disastrous trip to Library Storytime. Yeah, Ewan's totally at the perfect age to sit still on the floor, be quiet, and listen with interest to the soft-voiced, gray-haired lady reading books about autumn leaves. Not. But we stuck it out. Head on the floor, fake boo-hooing, declaring "home" after 5 minutes, and all. And fingers crossed we don't bring home a fever with us this week. At least the library is next door to an awesome shopping center for after-relief and energy release for the both of us.

*sidenote* ever try to be a hand model? it's awkward. My hand looks awkward, my thumb looks weird.
at least my nail polish compliments my ring, I like that. :)

And now, naptime for Ewan and computer time, gobble-sweets-before-dinner-time for mama.

Wow. Such a romantic anniversary post. But that's life. The way we love it.
Happy 6 years to us! And many, many more.
With many more additions that we'll need babysitters for!