12 weeks

And there you have it... 12 weeks.

Crazy looking at that teensy bump, knowing all the torture it's caused me in the form of morning, *ahem all day, sickness.

And I purposefully made sure my face wasn't in the picture, cause I'm just friggin lazy and things haven't been lookin' so pretty up there. The most recent blow-dry and makeup was done for my exciting trip out... to the blood lab. Yeah, worthless. I fainted (as I always do) and left the building in Jeff's arms, ghostly white, mascara running, and wet, matted hair from the cold rags that were put on my forehead. Boy, was I a sight to see. Who wants to come with me next time? I'm required to always bring a driver to get me home. :)

Pregnancy and I have a love/hate relationship.

I had hopes the second time around would be different, and I'd be in a happy pregnancy fantasy. Nope. So far, the same. "It's not my favorite thing," is my polite answer when asked about it. :)

Still, I'm flooded with all day thoughts of a soon-to-be tiny, squishy, yummy smelling baby. Excited to find out boy or girl. Enjoying all the pregnancy/baby magazines. Checking out fall maternity wear. And trying to figure out which crib to fit/match in ewan's room. I figure they'll probably share a room when we move. Hmm, boy/boy room, or boy/girl room? We shall see. :)