safe and sound

We're back!
Got in late last night and are fully enjoying the lazy vacay recovery today.
From Orange County, CA to Portland, OR and back... I've seen it all now.
And enjoyed every minute of spreading the giant map across the dash and fumbling to fold it back up, just like the movie roadtrips.
Everything I had hoped for. :)

We did half the trip with Ewan, half the trip without, took a ton of pictures, and have a lot to share with family wanting all the details. And I won't deny or disappoint, it'll all be here. The blog is most fun way to share with everyone, and to keep memories in order in our little digi scrapbook here.

Alrighty now, the plants need watering, the mailbox needs emptying, the carpets need vacuuming, the car needs cleaning, the bags need unpacking, the dvr needs watching, the pantry needs restocking, the pets need loving, and the pictures need downloading time.

So happy to be back! So happy it's Ewan's regular scheduled naptime right now. And so happy to catch up with all your haps since I last read your blog. :)