one last thing to leave you with

Before I go, I thought I'd leave you with a little something yummy and little something pretty.
Remember all those blueberries?
When we weren't eating them by the handfuls, their juicy sweetness made for some yummy muffins.
We've also been eating a lot of oven roasted, brown sugar peaches, a la mode. Um yeah, yum.

Now, here's the pretty...

We celebrated my niece's FIRST birthday today!
And I made her this. And the inspiration came from here.
I have a love/hate relationship with embroidering...
love to do it, hate that the perfectionist in me is never satisfied.
But I love this one, and so far Violet has gotten all my best work. :)
I am grabbing whatever thread I have left to bring a little project for the long car ride we'll be startin' tomorrow. :)

Now... see you in 2 weeks!