road trippy

Ewan LOVES this commercial. And it's going to be us in a few days... 3 characters, road trippin' up the California coast, in our Kia Sorento. 2004 Sorento, mind you. :)

Wahoo! So excited for my first road trip! We've made the 4 hour trip to vegas numerous times and that's about as road trippy as I've gotten. Jeff on the other hand did a cross country trip in '08 with his brother from CA to Missouri, so he's ready and willing to do most of the driving. The other exciting part... it's my first time beyond the borders of Southern California! Who knew there was life beyond Los Angeles? Kidding. But can't wait to see Monterey, San Fran, Napa, Sonoma. I've rambled on for weeks to Jeff about how I want it to be just like the movies... feet propped up on the dashboard, windows rolled down, spontaneous stops for pretty coastal views, fumbling with the map spread across the dash, and lots of picture taking, eating junky gas station food, and peeing in bushes on the side of the road. :)

Speaking of Jeff, our destination for this coast roadtrip is Portland, Oregon. After years of dedication to his online business classes, he's graduating! On Father's Day weekend to boot. His family is flying up for the ceremony, and we're all staying with his extended family in Salem. Super fun!

Last on the to-do list before we leave early Monday morning... celebrate my niece's 1st birthday, packing x3 peeps x10 days, update the Jack Johnson playlist with his new cd, and hit the store for a styrofoam cooler, string cheese, cheetos, and little debbie swiss rolls.

See you in 2 weeks!