Back to Reality

I have welcomed April with open arms, and waved goodbye to March... the craziest, busiest month... I can't believe we survived! It was a month full of themes parks, and weddings, and funerals, and birthdays, and bachelor/bachelorette parties, and family visiting from both Oregon AND Argentina! To wind down from everything, Jeff and I went wine tasting this past weekend. Nana and Papa watched Ewan so we could take a few hours to go out to a nice lunch and visit a couple wineries.
After we got home and put Ewan to bed, Jeff took care of his nightly duties... school. He is studying business law through online classes scheduled to graduate next year.

In the morning, Jeff always makes time to play with Ewan.
It's their happiest time together.

And here is Jeff working his weekend job as a kid's golf instructor for Tiny Tees Golf. This man takes such good care of his family by working two jobs, going to school, and coming home every evening ready to provide Ewan and me with more love than we could ask for. We love you daddy!