another graduate is in the house!

Our entire vacation was built on and based around Jeff's highly anticipated graduation. Wahoo!
He has been working late nights for two years, on finishing business online courses from Marylhurst University, OR. They were just about to stick his diploma in the mail, when we decided, what the heck, Jeff has family in Oregon, so let's travel up and officially "walk" for that hard earned diploma... throw in a much needed vacation for him... and we've got ourselves a happenin' celebration. :)

Happy Graduation and Father's Day!
Party peeps left to right: Jeff's aunt, mom, dad, uncle and brother. And his longtime golf buddy now lives in OR too!

For those that couldn't make it, here's the big moment... videotaped by his brother... :)

The convention center was beautiful as was Portland that day.

Then we headed off to a big family bbq at his aunt and uncle's with the cousins and ALL the kids of cousins... :)