If you're visiting from instagram... hi, hello, hey!
Welcome to my first love of photo journaling, started five years ago.
(please don't go that far back in the archives. whoa, embarassing)
Blogging and I almost broke up, but I still love to use this space.
To share beyond the one-square instagram journal.
So welcome to my blog peeps!

Our fourth of july celebration was an exact copy of last year.
Always so good, there's no need to change a thing.
epic water fight with stealth attacks from the roof.
homemade everything.
cousin crazies.
fun by the carload.
or not.
annual group picture posse.

bootleg fireworks.
daredevil uncle.
sparkler scaredy cat.
46 bandaids.
car hood viewpoint for the big show.
and firework dreamin' on the drive home.

the fourth is my fave forever!