After a full day of food, frisbee golf, and sparklers, the sun went down and we headed towards the town's fireworks show. Where we parked on a hill, bundled up in the cold, and watched from the hood of our car. My favorite firework viewing to-date. Makes me feel for poor San Diego visitors this year.

A quick catch-up of sorts, this guy is BACK! As of a week ago. And this independence day was also for us, a welcome home hero day. And his parents sure know how to throw a party. (Did you see their harvest party?) So much fun family time yesterday. And so proud (and wanna braggy brag away) of our brother-in-law, US Air Force!

And the sparklers, those were a big deal for Ewan. The pictures don't show the major flip-out he had 5 minutes prior, because in his little mind all fireworks explode. He thought we were all done for when we started lighting them on a stick. However, it didn't take long for him to realize it was like a giant "birthday candle" and gave in to trying one...

8mm app put to use after this gal reminded me to use it. And this girlfriend and her boys were part of the firework fun too!

Hope you had a happy, sparkly FOURTH!