laguna beach with the sisters and cousins
overcast. but still saw a group (pod?) of whales pass by and found sand crabs - our fave!
the very next (early sunrise) morning, my best friend and i were off to vegas!
...to sunbathe and float around the lazy river for 8 hours, then take the bachelorette out for the never-ending night. dancing, fireworks, wolfgang puck dinner/breakfast at 3am...
a few hours of sleep later, the bestie and I grabbed our new memories and drove the 4 hours back,
with a quick stop off somewhere between nevada and california to catch Jeff and the cousins driving themselves to vegas. (I'd see them all again three days later.)
I was home in time for dinner with the boys, then took ewan with me to san diego the next morning to be at sis-in-laws lawschool graduation at 9am
and a couple days later Jeff was back, and I went to school with him
like I mentioned, what feel like ages ago.
leading into a weekend full of swimming, bbq-ing, and disneylanding...
aaaaand rounding out this week:
babysitting my niece - three babies for the day!
Jeff's parents and sis flew to Texas to see Johnny - he's still there
(we've been watching their puppy and baby chicks in the meantime)
friday was take your son to work day. daddyoftheyear award given by ewan on that one.
cinco de mayo was spent at thee one-year-old birthday party of the year!
bounce house, piñata, ball-pit, three-tier cake...
and yesterday, some girl time back at college for me - "adpi 'til i die!" yep. sorority.
we try to reunion at least once a year. and the first thing everyone said to me yesterday was, "your boooys!" which tells me 1) I post way too many pictures of them, and 2) I make mothering look waaay too easy for those without kids. it ain't always picnics and popsicles. just sometimes.
ok, maybe a lot of times. we do love popsicles. :)

And after all that, the suitcases from all the travel and overnight stays everywhere
are still half unpacked on the bedroom floor. three weeks and counting.

I've had this long post building in my head about how I need to write to you telling you...

that I don't have time to blog again until halloween... I have dates booked through september for thee BEST summer ever, that includes four weddings - with two on the same day!

and how I feel I'm constantly repeating myself on here since I intstantly-gram the dailys and connect with you over there now. which I love.

and how I'm moving my focus over here for a while for many exciting reasons that need to be shared...

and how I've been blogging for five years and it may be time to take a quick break for summer...
to teach graham how to walk, ewan how to write his name for preschool come august, and squeeze every ounce of family time outta the three week break from school Jeff has coming up.

but all that's for another post.