um, yeeeeah. hi.
Has anyone seen my couch, I'd like to sit on it. Or my bed, I'd like to sleep in it.

If you follow along on twitter or instagram you know that within the last 5 days i've been to

 >>  Laguna Beach  <<
>>     Las Vegas     <<
>>     San Diego     <<

and toured the cousins around Old Town yesterday... see pic above.

The recent travels included a bachelorette party, sister's law school graduation, and showing the argentine cousins everything california has to offer, before the left for the 15 hours flight back home this morning.

I don't even know where to start with the recap of it all, whose pictures to upload,
and what details to share (if any, ahem... vegas!)

And {all of thee above} was just my schedule.
Jeff's been on his own busy streak with work and school...

in fact, I'm off to school with him in the morning
to see him represent his class and speak in front of judges and dean of the school...
{there will be more bowtie handsome-ness filling up the feed tomorrow!}

it never stops.

You too? Good, I knew I wasn't alone on the busy train.