Remember that print wall, here's the answers to your
"what's that?" and "where from's?"
 I crocheted this one about a year ago. {pattern HERE}
The God is Love embroidery and Jungle Animal one below are pass-downs from Jeff's family.
You can find similar Sunset Designs on Etsy, search vintage. Mine are from 1979 and 1977.
And the animals were never finished. Still haven't decided whether to continue to leave as-is
or take a needle and thread to it myself. :)
 These prints were found by doing a "free printables" search on Pinterest. {see HERE}

The DIYs done by me:
"BESOS" was a quick pen-to-paper
Heart was cut from scraps of leather
Cloud embroidery was a quick 10 minute project in a 3" hoop
Also, the white crochet above was the same pattern as the yellow, seen HERE

And the etsy prints were a black friday special from HERE

There ya have it!