well, never done that before

a non-stress test, that is.
A routine, 9:05am appointment turned into a 5 hour, half day event. Thankfully my sis had no where to be this morning, so she and ewan had extra time for fun together. Regarding this morning's unexpected tests, simply put, baby's just not moving. Heartbeats good, ultrasound looked good and healthy (got a new, sweet pic to share with Jeff), he responded to the sound tests, he's just gotten "lazy" as the nurses kindly put it. I'm on a strict, self-monitoring, baby wiggle schedule until I see the doctor again next week. A lot of worry for an early morning, but was so happy to peek at his little face on the monitor. He's pretty darn cute.

On a lighter note... received my etsy package, redvelvet package, and half my diapers.com order when I got home. Liana did a good job as my secretary, signing for everything. I shoulda warned her the doorbell would be ringing a few times today, but then again I thought I'd be home quick enough for the exciting arrivals myself!

Online baby shopping is soooo the new nesting. :)